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Heading: Organisation systems
Sector of activity: Transportation

As a wonderful communication tool, your cardholder has to be protected !




Plastiques Duval, specialist in the manufacture of plastic cardholders in all formats, has just created « PROTEC » :


P ractical :    A simple push to take out the season ticket from the cardholder.

R esistant :    Made in a rigid plastic material, your ticket holder is both scratch and ultra violets resistant.

O riginal :      Be the first to use this new unique registered model.

T rendy :        The credit card format is so trendy that cards are already habitual for users.

E legant :       A pure design, an opalescent material and your embossed personalization make it an up-scale and a useful communication item.

  Compact :      With its credit card format this new cardholder is easily put away.


For any adaptation of the PROTEC to your needs (card formats, colours,…), please contact us.


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