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Processed materials

Design Duval - processed materials

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At Design Duval, we transform and shape different materials (PVC, PP, PU, cardboard, foam). We select them according to how the finished product will be used, your wishes (feel, colour, customization…), but also your restrictions (cost, quantity…). Following the advice of our design office, we can combine several materials to create a unique and personalised product.


Soft PVC

This material is no longer a secret to us! We have been using HF welding to process flexible PVC since the 1960s and thermoforming since the 1980s, in our workshops in France. As a result, we have a large choice of already existing or adaptable tools. We only use high quality PVC, REACH compliant and phthalate-free.

Available in a wide variety of colours, grains, thicknesses and customizable by all printing processes, PVC has endless possibilities for unique creations.

Flexible, strong, washable, it can be used for many purposes.

When processed by HF welding, PVC can be used to make


With thermoforming, soft PVC can be used to make

Leader in France for the use of PVC, we contribute to the creation of sustainable solutions. Indeed, PVC has a good ecological balance sheet. Its transformation requires few natural resources and low energy consumption compared to other materials (plastic or else). Furthermore, PVC is fully recyclable when it reaches the end of its life cycle. And all our scrap is shredded and reused.


Rigid expanded PVC

Expanded PVC (type Forex®) is a rigid and light PVC. It is easy to work, cut, drill… and can be printed! The ideal material to manufacture your exhibition panels in all sizes.

Staying at your side in the creation of a turnkey support, we can make and/or fix your samples/products on the panel.

PP (polypropylene)

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer with remarkable properties. It is resistant, waterproof, can be personalised by printing or adding accessories, and is available in opaque, transparent or translucent finishes. Its rigidity requires no cardboard reinforcement.

At Design Duval, we process PP by cutting, creasing and folding to make binders, dividers, boxes, large or small cases and POS displays. Polypro can also be transformed by ultrasonic welding to make book covers, diaries, notebooks, pockets or file covers.

Polypropylene is appreciated for its low tooling cost. While cheaper than PVC, it is however less flexible and less resistant.


EVA is a highly flexible copolymer. It is known for its softness and flexibility. It is a rubber-like material with a very pleasant feel. Waterproof, UV-resistant and odourless, EVA is used in many industries such as packaging, medical and food. EVA is available in various opaque or translucent colours, as well as transparent. It can be processed by heat-sealing and can also be sewn.

At Design Duval, we have selected it to manufacture flexible promotional packaging for lingerie (especially swimwear, because of its waterproof properties), cosmetics and even the automotive industry. It is an innovative material, which can be cut into any conceivable shape and combined with numerous accessories, such as zip or slider fasteners (like Flexico)!

Enough to satisfy your need for originality and stimulate our creativity. Finally, EVA can be customized using screen or offset printing. To complete this exclusive design, choose embossed printing!


Cardboard is another alternative we can provide. Laminated binder’s board, which can be turned-in, and corrugated cardboard can be used to create your promotional and display items:

Paper lamination offers a wide range of possibilities: selecting the type of paper, customizing by printing, applying a complete or partial lamination or varnish…

Cardboard, regarded as more ecological, is particularly appreciated to display natural products. It is also adapted to manufacture small series, as it involves less tooling and set-up costs than PVC. However, cardboard is still more fragile than PVC or PP.

Specialized in manufacturing sales support tools, display units and customized promotional packaging, we learned to master different materials in order to offer a personalised solution to each of your specific requests.


To separate, store and hold your products and samples on their displays, we also provide packaging with foam inserts. Foam doesn’t require a big initial investment compared to thermoforming and is an interesting alternative if you need to produce small series. It also gives your displays a upmarket look.

At Design Duval, we shape and customize all kinds of foam to enhance your products in their boxes, cases, etc. We advise you in the choice of the foam quality according to the weight, shape and nature of your samples, for a secure fitting and an original design.

Experts in manufacturing sales support tools, display units and customized promotional packaging, we learned to master a variety of materials in order to provide a adapted solution to each of your specific requests.

This expertise allows us to create :

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