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Complete production in full trust

Design Duval - our DNA - complete production in full trust

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Haven’t you ever dreamed of having a turnkey solution, without having to worry about coordinating your various service providers? To have a single, trusted contact person? To have the right company at your side to work with you on your projects, on which you can fully rely?

One of the principles of Design Duval is to guarantee you a personalized and complete solution, while making you benefit from our know-how at every stage of your project.

A long-lasting partnership

Choosing us as a partner to create your customised products and services guarantees a relationship based on sharing and trust. Our team is attentive to your needs and analyses them carefully before giving you a relevant answer. We advise you and provide you with the best of our expertise.

By producing exclusively bespoke products, we also establish constructive and lasting relationships with our clients. We develop specific tools and set up personalised procedures. It makes much easier to replenish your production.

Multitasking and innovative expertise

Design Duval’s evolution is based on this commitment to relationships. Further than a simple manufacturer, we became a real working partner for our clients over the long term, as well as taking complete charge of their projects.

The variety of professions and techniques we master today makes it obvious. Some of Design Duval‘s innovations are in fact a direct result of these partnerships:

The integration of an industrial design office in 1998 is also a logical consequence of our evolution towards consulting and creation.


A complete service

Full service is present in every one of our activities. Here a few actual examples of the services we can provide:

We manufacture sample display units, but also produce material samples (application, cutting, drilling, marking, packaging, sticking) or fill the display with samples supplied by the customer.

We create and produce welded and sewn leather goods, including of course wallets, binders, covers … but can also fill them with products, dividers, cardboard inserts, etc. We can also store the articles, customize them on order and deliver them directly after.

As for promotional packaging, we manufacture cases, boxes, bags, etc., but often supply complete items (such as amenity kits for airlines, birth kits with baby items) or repackage (from a standard blister pack to a collector’s pack for example) ready for delivery.

We manufacture your POS displays and take care of their digital printing, but can also handle individual kit packaging and apply the barcode label.


Further services

No matter the type of activity of your business (sample presentation, advertising leather goods, promotional packaging or digital printing), Design Duval provides customized services:

dispatching your items according to your instructions,

Do you have a project in mind for a communication tool or sales support? Trust Design Duval to guide you through every step of its realization.

Your needs are different from those mentioned above? There is only one way to find out if Design Duval can satisfy them: contact us!

Our multidisciplinary expertise and large range of additional services allow us to stand as your single provider, in charge of a successful running of all the stages of your project. A real commitment to quality, deadlines and cost.