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Sample presentation and manufacturer

Design Duval is specialised in the creation and conception of all means of customised sample-presentation medias with complete service: colour chart, display unit, folder, case, box, briefcase, suitcase, POS display. We offer a range of different materials for the cover (grafic chart, solid or corrugated cardboard, PP, PVC, aluminium…) as well as for the wedging elements (cardboard, foam, thermo). Our qualified team produces as well all kinds of samples and models (tile grout, veneer grout, coating, design flooring, terrazzo, waxed concrete, ETI, acoustic insulation…), which they cut to size, mark and adapt to your choice of presentation.

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PVC sheath for combining angle and profiles sample cases

Sales support tools for professional carpenters: the customized demo set

PMMA and Forex compact counter display for 50 removable laminated samples

Customized POS display for high-pressure laminate samples

Custom-printed Forex POS display colour charts

POS expanded PVC panel for tile grout samples

Exploded soundproofing models according to your instructions: floor, insulation, levelling and covering

Customized sound insulation exploded models

Aluminium printed demonstration case with displays for electrical switches

Customized display case for domotic samples

Customized thermo cardboard sample display

Thermoformed display with cardboard cover for removable entrance mat samples

Rigid POS display case for tile grouts made in our workshops

Display sheath- case for cement and epoxy tile grout

Rigid PVC box for storage and display of large sealants manufactured in our workshops

Customized POS display box for veneer grout samples

Customizable PP colour chart wallet: size, opaque or opalescent finish, printing

Customized polypropylene display boxes and wallets for veneer grouts

Thin and elegant injected tile grout sample box

POS customized sample display for tile grout samples

High quality transparent sample case with aluminium angles

Customized transparent plexiglas case for flooring sample presentation

Large custom-made display panel for displaying wood and aluminium samples

Customized POS display panel for aluminium and wood samples with sample manufacturing

PVC box with four-colour digital printing and foam padding

Display briefcase for coloured draining concrete samples

PP display case for joinery angles

Customized PVC sample wallet for tile grout samples

Customized aluminium sales display case

Personalised foam cardboard colour chart for removable flooring samples

Foam display case for laminate, laquered and solid wood swatches

Welded PVC display case with custom-made foam shape

PVC display unit with handle for large tile samples

Kartonetui zur Präsentation eines Musters zur Schalldämmung

Cardboard wallet with cut-out window for insulation sample

Very compact folded multi-pocket wallet that can be customized with a printed card

Fully customizable welded PVC multi-pocket sample wallet

POS counter sample display with thermoformed shape for tile grouts

Maleta de presentación con trolley para componentes de puertas

Customized demonstration case with trolley

Cardboard and foam display case for cladding samples

Customized welded and thermoformed POS display for sand or powder samples

Customized POS display for switch collection

Thermoformed PVC display for 12 removable samples

Range of two cardboard and foam sample display cases containing tubes designed for samples of sand, gravel, aggregates and powders

Customized laminated cardboard wallet for shower tray samples

Thermoformed sample display case for cement and silicone sealants

POS cardboard easel for silicone or parquet flooring sealants

Tile cement grout and silicone sealing POS display

Cardboard and polypropylene technical display case for thermal insulation samples

Vierteilige Mustermappe mit Karton-Inlays zur Präsentation von mineralischen Putzmusterstrukturen

Customized cardboard display for mineral coating samples as a complete service

Originelle Musterbox aus Polypropylen für Putzmuster im Format A6

Polypropylene display box for A6 size samples

Welded PVC display with thermo for removable samples in trays

Customized external thermal insulation exploded model (ETICS)

Exhibition panels with didactic and technical models for building materials (insulation, waterproofing, flooring…)

Display drawer box with sheath for insulation samples

Welded PVC sample display with thermoformed inside shape for removable aluminium and wood joinery samples

Display briefcase for wooden parquet samples

POS case to display 21 samples of wooden parquet

Colour swatches for aluminium, wood or PVC samples

Customized cardboard triptych colour chart for creative coating samples

Customized cardboard folder with flap, PVC pockets and dividers for wood, laminate and decorative melamine samples

Set of sample display cases for coating and ETICS

PP wallet for 9 coating samples with creative finish

Customized thermoformed wall panel for removable wood samples

Thermoformed wall display panel for decorative wood laminate samples

Customized PVC case for presentation of fragrances