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Customized laminated cardboard wallet for shower tray samples

Focus your client’s attention with our customized sample presentation wallet for ceramic or composite shower trays ! A slim triptych box shape, with matt canvas finish and invisible magnet clasp, confers an original and upmarket design to this laminated cardboard sample holder, entirely designed and manufactured by Design Duval.

A compact, practical and strong sample holder

This customized turned-in binder’s board sample wallet with fabric lamination, was designed for displaying shower tray samples.

Inside the three-part case, two cardboard boxes with cut-to-size windows allow the eight shower tray samples to be elegantly displayed. The reference of the samples have been printed under each opening.
Your customers can view the real colours and feel the textures, two essential steps towards their final choice.
This presentation in a sturdy wallet will prevent contact between the samples and protect them from damage.
With its triptych shape, and the rigidity and strength of the 2 mm thick binder’s board cover, it can be displayed in showrooms without any risk of deformation.

Design and manufacture of a fully customized sample display wallet

Wishing to have a first-rate, compact sample chart, with an attractive advertising space, our customer asked us to create his samples and print files.

Both designer and manufacturer, Design Duval then designed a sheath with an original shape, entirely customized and perfectly adapted: we made the most of the inside of the triptych to showcase our client’s information. No need to add paper documentation!

We chose a canvas lamination on a black background to enhance the high-end aspect of the samples.
The triptych case was then fitted with invisible magnets so it could be closed neatly, maintain its shape and preserve the quality of the samples over a long period of time.

You can rely on Design Duval for your sample display projects from A to Z.

The Design Duval team assists its clients in the design of their communication supports, as a complete service. Design Duval designed, manufactured and produced the entire sample display set for this project :

  • cutting, laminating, turning-in of the tryptich case, integrating the magnets,
  • 4-colour print on the outer and inner sides, and fabric lamination,
  • sample fixing,
  • the samples perfectly positioned in the grids are placed in a wallet,
  • the wallets are affixed to the cover.

Let our cardboard displays inspire you, Design Duval’s design office will adapt them to your needs!

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Triptych cardboard case with wallets for ceramic samples

  • Reference : 396424
  • Size:
    • 357 x 300 mm open
    • 95 x 300 x 66 mm closed
  • Material:
    • 2 mm laminated binder’s board for the cover
    • 350 g card for the 2 wallets
  • Print:
    • 4-colour outer and inner side + fabric lamination for the cover
    • 4-colour outer side + fabric lamination for the wallets
  • Samples: 8 samples 55 x 55 x 10 mm
  • Minimum order : 300 copies