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PMMA and Forex compact counter display for 50 removable laminated samples

Customized POS display for high-pressure laminate samples

To display high-pressure laminate samples for kitchen worktops in a high-end and compact way, Design Duval imagined and proposed an innovative and original solution: a transparent counter display.

The sample counter display: The whole creativity and mastery of materials by Design Duval

This POS display was specially designed to meet our customer’s specifications:

  • compactness: the counter display should have enough space to hold a large number of samples without taking up too much space on the different exhibition sites ( national kitchen brands, kitchen installers, architects…) ;
  • modularity: the display has been designed without print and is only fitted with openings to place the samples, allowing one or more laminates to be selected for show according to the seasons, the clientele or the collections;
  • consumer accessibility: removable samples allow the end customer to appreciate the colour shades of the high-pressure compact laminates. The samples are easy to handle and to put back in place ;
  • sturdiness: the rigid display has been designed to hold 50 samples with a total weight of 7.5 kg.

A counter display for bespoke samples as a customized service

The POS display consists of two digital manufactured plates: a top plate made of clear PMMA, to hold the samples and make them visible, and a black Forex backing plate. Both plates are fitted with screws, spacers and support feet. This very airy and transparent display gives a clear view of the samples from all sides.
This customized POS display was designed, manufactured, and assembled entirely in the Design Duval workshops in Redon (Brittany, 35).

In order to allow quick identification of the samples by the customer, we applied digital or pad-printed references to the laminates, according to their surface colour. For this project, we only marked the samples so that the display could be used again for other samples. However, we can also digital print the POS display. And we can screenprint the samples.

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Technical features of the demonstrated model

Customized POS display for high-pressure laminate samples

  • Reference : 0396820
  • Size: 430 x 360 x 60 mm
  • Material:
    • top PMMA 5 mm support plate
    • bottom 6 mm black Forex plate
  • Print:
    • digital, screen- or pad print for the samples
    • POS digital print possible
  • Accessories :
    • fitted with screws, spacers and support feet
    • kit delivered in a single packaging
  • Minimum order : 100 copies