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Magnetic and foam cardboard box for laminate sample swatches

Foam display case for laminate, laquered and solid wood swatches

To highlight your laminates, Design Duval suggests presenting your samples as swatches, placed in a display case made of a variety of materials for an original, high-end customized display.

A cardboard, PVC and foam case to display customized and high-end swatches.

The sample swatch display case consists of two black laminated turned-in binder’s board panels marked with a silver relief gilding. This swatch display case closes with two hidden magnets for a high-end effect.

On the right inner flap, a black foam shape with three custom-cut recesses holds the laminate sample swatches. Grip holes make it easier to take the samples out.

On the left inner flap, are welded transparent clear PVC pockets for technical information leaflets.
For our customer, touching the samples was as important as seeing them: The PVC pockets intended for product information is provided with openings, leaving access to the coloured pellets, on which a matt, satin or gloss varnish was applied, according to the original material.

Design Duval assists you in your most complex projects: from design to manufacturing, including the adaptation of the foam case for international markets.

This sample display case was created in partial service by Design Duval:

  • drilling, assembling and screwing of the laminate samples cut by the customer,
  • manufacture of the swatches,
  • placing the swatches in the foam shape,
  • adapting the presentation display case to the targeted countries (composition, number of different samples and selective varnishes, print in different languages),
  • Dispatching the finished sample cases to the respective foreign consultants.

Design Duval proves once again with this project its technical mastery and its ability to adapt to the client’s request, in mixing materials (PVC, foam, laminated turned-in binder’s board), using different customized shapes (samples, pellet pockets, recesses for swatches), and taking care of the adjustment and dispatching for the international market.

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Technical features of the demonstrated model

Foam display case for laminate, laquered and solid wood swatches

  • Reference : 398769
  • Size: 587 x 380 mm open, spine width 31 mm
  • Material:
    • 2 mm turned-in binder’s board for the case
    • 300g/m² paper for the 2 technical information leaflet inserted in the PVC pockets on the left inner flap
    • inner black foam shape, 30 mm thick with 3 recesses for sample size 100 x 200 mm
  • Print:
    • black + matt lamination, silver relief gilding marking on front cover
    • 4- colour print with selective varnish (gloss, matt and satin) for the technical information leaflet
  • Accessories : 2 hidden magnets
  • Samples: 3 screwed swatches (laminate, laquered, solid wood) 100 x 200 mm
  • Minimum order : 300 copies