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Aluminium or wood sample swatch with screw

Colour swatches for aluminium, wood or PVC samples

Colour charts and swatches are simple and pratical communication tools for all types of samples (alu, wood, PVC…) and can display a large number of materials, textures or colours in a compact and easy-to-handle presentation.

Screwed colour swatches, with strap, chain or in a sheath

Design Duval produces colour charts and swatches for a wide variety of decors: wood, aluminium, steel, plastic, coatings …

These samples can be connected by a screw, strap, or a chain. We can add a sheath, cover or wallet out of PP, PVC or cardboard.

Cutting of samples (wood, aluminium, PVC…), marking with screen-, digitalprinting or with sticker, mounting and dispatching – the choice is yours.

Thanks to years of experience in the processing of all kinds of samples, Design Duval can take in charge the complete production of your colour charts or swatches:

  • cutting of your materials (wood, aluminium, PVC etc.),
  • printing of references on samples ( by screen, digital, inkjet, pad printing or label supplying and applying),
  • creation of sample spacers, a protection against scratches as well as an indication notice,
  • mounting and dispatching.

You decide what you want us to take care of !

Technical features

Colour charts and swatches

  • All sizes, materials and shapes are possible.
  • Minimum order: 300 copies