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4 sided cardboard folder with snap fasteners

Customized cardboard folder with flap, PVC pockets and dividers for wood, laminate and decorative melamine samples

Fully customizable, sample presentation folder with PVC pockets and dividers by Design Duval allows an clear and scalable presentation of your range of laminates, wood and decorative melamines .

With this customized four-sided folder, Design Duval offers you a unique sales support tool to meet your specific needs.

Design Duval : a specialist in customized and scalable sample folders

The Design Duval sample presentation folder is perfectly adapted to large sample collections, thanks to its large capacity and flexibility.

Nothing could be more efficient than to display in no time your entire range of laminates, wood or decorative melamine.

Your designs and decorations are clearly identified with the help of dividers which can be printed with your logo, brand, product information, etc.

Made of 2.5 mm laminated turned-in binder’s board, the presentation folder is strong and protects your collections perfectly. The cardboard has been selected to match the weight of the samples: resistance and durability are guaranteed for your folder.

Thanks to the lever arch-file four-ring folder mechanism, pockets and dividers can be added or removed according to the evolution of your decor range.

To safely store and transport your samples, the folder closes with a flap equipped with two snap fasteners.

Design Duval : expert in the design of customized sample folders

For this example of customized cardboard folder, the customer supplied 336 samples already cut and perforated.

Aware of the user’s need to manipulate and compare the decors in order to adopt them, our design office suggested that these samples should be protected by crystal clear sleeves. To make sure that the samples stay secure during transport, each small pocket is equipped with a stop point to fit perfectly into the perforation of the samples.

To make it easier to identify and classify the wood, melamine and decorative laminate samples, Design Duval screenprinted the references of the designs on the pockets.

Design Duval : Mastering materials for customized and ready-to-use architects folders

Conceived as a real prescription tool and a sales aid, the customized folder with closing flap is fitted with a crystal clear pocket attached to the inside cover, into which you can insert a business card.

For a project that combines turned-in laminated binder’s board for the folder, sealed PVC for the pockets and screenprinting on PVC, having a single suplier is a guarantee of optimum efficiency.

In accordance with the client’s request, Design Duval took over the complete service for this project. The client provided the print files and cut samples – Design Duval did the rest: design, manufacture and printing of the folder, dividers and PVC pockets, as well as the making of the samples and the business card.
An entirely customized product for a turnkey solution!

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Technical features of the demonstrated model

Customized cardboard folder with flap, PVC pockets and dividers

  • Reference : 395603
  • Size: 800 x 320 mm open, spine 86 and 80 mm
  • Material: laminated turned-in binder’s board 2,5 mm
  • Print:
    • outer 4-colour + glossy laminated fabric, white face sheet
    • 1-colour print of the sample references in vitrophany on the PVC pockets
  • Accessories :
    • closing flap equipped with two snap fasteners
    • mechanism: D 4-ring, capacity 50 + lever arch
    • business card crystal clear holder attached to the inside of the cover
    • 5 tabbed dividers 300 x 230 mm, 250 g/m² card, 2-colour print
    • 28 transparent PVC pockets 300 x 210 mm with 12 crystal pockets for samples in 70 x 60 mm format
  • Minimum order: 200 copies