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Very compact folded multi-pocket wallet that can be customized with a printed card

Fully customizable welded PVC multi-pocket sample wallet

Original and fully customizable, the welded PVC zigzag folded sample wallet by Design Duval is a compact, functional and economical sample display.

Multi-pocket zigzag sample wallet: a customized colour chart adapted to your samples.

The multi-pocket PVC zigzag wallet is a functional and economical sample display. When the wallet is open, it shows an overview on all your samples. The samples can be easily handled as they are inserted in individual pockets. When closed, the zigzag wallet is very compact. It is a very popular product among sales agents or craftsmen who like to take their colour charts with them to their customers or on building sites.

Made of welded PVC, the zigzag wallet is fully customizable: it is designed according to the number and size of your samples. This display allows you to highlight your finishes and colours, and can contain larger samples than a folder. The multi-pocket wallet is also modular: you can select the samples according to your customer.

We chose PVC for its transparency, but also its resistance: the samples are protected from wear caused by intense handling and site conditions ( dampness, dirt…).

Duval Design: creativity and technical skill for a customized zigzag wallet

To promote your brand and your products, Design Duval provides you with the following services

  • direct printing on PVC: screen, digital or offset printing;
  • a printed card insert.

The card insert serves as a cover for your wallet in closed position. The insert card is also an cost-effective solution if you need to adapt the wallets to your foreign sales consultants.

We can customize the finishes of your zigzag wallet, with Velcro, snap fasteners or straps. A metal eyelet can also be added to hang the open display.

The multi-pocket wallet as a complete service, sampling and packaging included.

In its mastery of the entire colour chart production process, Design Duval can create your multi-pocket colour sample wallet as a full or partial service:

  • complete manufacturing and cutting of samples (coating, design flooring, industrial flooring, waxed concrete, self-levelling flooring and others) or cutting of the samples sheets you have provided,
  • marking by printing directly on the sample or applying a label,
  • manufacturing the zigzag wallet.

In order to let you free to fill your sample display yourself according to your needs, we can provide you with all the products, samples and PVC pockets, without finishing.

You are attracted by this economical and customizable sample display option? Discover another customized creation, the opalescent polypropylene wallet, ideal for displaying rectangular or square samples !

Technical features

PVC multi-pocket wallet

  • Reference : 396916
  • ize: made-to-measure
  • Sample size : adaptable
  • Material: transparent PVC, thickness according to the samples/products
  • Print: screen- , digital, offset print or on card
  • Accessories : Velcro, snap or strap fasteners
  • Minimum order : 1000 copies (less, if the welding tool is available . Contact us to know more !)