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Printed pull-out box with sheath

Display drawer box with sheath for insulation samples

This sliding drawer cardboard box is more than just a sample display wallet ! It is an innovative tool, with high-end and durable finishes, praised by architects for its simple presentation and storage.

The making of a high-end, easy-to-use product

The display drawer box with sheath for insulation samples was made of laminated turned-in binder’s board with a four-colour printed sheet, finished with a matt scratch-proof film.

The sheath has four bottom protecting feet.

A grip-hole with PVC ring makes the box easy to open. The resulting drawer slides and opens to reveal five insulation samples size 105 x 145 mm.

All these finishes (feet, gripping ring, scratch-proof lamination) contribute to the upmarket status of the cardboard display case and guarantee excellent durability.

As with all Duval Design products, the drawer can of course be adjusted to the size and type of your samples. It is also perfectly suitable for heavy samples and can be equipped with a handle and other accessories as desired.

Working together with the client, for a perfect result in record time

For this project, we once again fulfilled our client’s special request. We adapted to his specifications by taking in hand

  • the marking of the insulation samples provided pre-cut by the suppliers,
  • the cutting of insulation plates delivered whole in our workshop, and their marking,
  • the making of the drawer boxes containing all these insulation samples.

We also designed and manufactured labels to reference the insulation samples. And we stuck the labels.
Unlike many current labels, our insulation stickers stay firmly in place on their supports (even on wood fiber or rock wool), guaranteeing a long-lasting labelling.

Finally, we made all the boxes and delivered to our client ready-to-use cardboard display boxes with sheaths, in full respect of the very tight deadline: the sliding boxes had to be distributed for an advertising operation.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Display sliding drawer box for insulation samples

  • Reference : 397742
  • Size: 244 x 110 x 152 mm
  • Material: 2 et 4 mm laminated turned-in binder’s board with scratch-proof film
  • Print:
    • 4-colour inner
    • white inside front
  • Accessories :
    • grip-hole with white PVC ring
    • 4 transparent feet
  • Samples: 5 insulation samples (rockwool, Resol, wood fibre, black and white EPS) 105 x 145 mm with label
  • Minimum order: 300 copies