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ETI and coating sample briefcase made of laminated, turned-in binder’s board

Set of sample display cases for coating and ETICS

In order to target architects more specifically, the client’s sample presentation tool (coatings and ETICS) was entirely redefined. A great opportunity to create a harmonized range of display cases!

One size only for this display case adaptable to 4 product ranges

After the customer defined the 4 ranges of ETI (Exterior Thermal Insulation) coating samples and model kits to be displayed, our designers proceeded to develop a display case which could adapt to all ranges.

The result is a case made of turned-in laminated binder’s board with foam slides adapted to the number and size of coatings on display. The first case contains a row of A5 size organic and mineral coating samples, the second case contains the marble-like coating samples. As clients and prescribers sometimes prefer a larger format, another suitcase was designed for similar coatings in A4 size.

The 5 insulation systems (ETICS) contained in the display case are protected by a magnetic cover, which makes it possible to distribute them individually.

A single partner for a complete service: organic coatings, mineral coatings, marble-look coatings and ETICS models – all carried out by our experienced team.

Specialized in the making of coating samples for more than 10 years, our “sampling” department made all coatings with different application techniques and finishes. As we work on large scale panels which are then cut to size, we could combine A5 and A4 size to optimize production and costs. Both dragged coatings were mixed in plastic buckets which we supplied. The coatings were then incorporated into the cases, which we also manufactured.

Our reputation is also well established in ETICS: whether on EPS support, mineral wool, wood or gypsum fibre insulation, we master application and cutting. Provide a plan or a proof and we can create any insulation system you require: with accessories (profiles, dowels, etc.), single or double framing, finishing paint, etc. For this project, we stuck the finished ETICS models inside the turned-in laminated board covers with magnetic shutter before placing them in the case.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Set of display cases for coating and ETICS

  • Reference : 396717
  • Size : 205 x 338 x 150 mm
  • Material : laminated turned-in binder’s board
  • Print :
    • 4-colour offset print outer side and fabric laminated (4 printing versions),
    • 2-colour print inner side of lid.
  • Accessories :
    • black injected handle,
    • foam inserts,
    • nickel-plated twist lock,
    • business card holder inside the lid
  • Rivet fastening
  • Samples :
    • 19 + 15 coating samples 130 x 195 mm for case 1 and 2 ,
    • 8 coating samples 290 x 195 mm for case 3,
    • 5 ETICS bricks 130 x 190 mm with cover for case 4
  • Minimum order : 100 copies