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Sample production

Sample production - Design Duval

Pierre, application technician


Specialized in the manufacture of supports and displays for ranges and products, we have gradually started to produce samples on request for our customers. We have therefore developed a sampling service to support or take your project totally in charge.

Complete sample producing

Coatings, tile grouts, design floors, terrazzo, waxed concretes… are no secret to us ! We master all materials, even the most brittle or difficult to handle !

Just provide us with the material to shape, your procedures and your master samples, if you have any. We create a final proof, then the production model. You will save a lot of time !

Sample cutting

Our team cut to size your samples which have been created from A to Z in our workshop (coating, tile grout, flooring) according to your instructions. But you can also rely on our experience to cut to size the materials that you have provided and which don’t need to be coated. (aluminium, wood, concrete, etc.).
In order to do so, we are equipped with

We can also use laser or water-jet cutting for the most tricky materials.

Direct marking of your samples

If you have the necessary equipment to make and cut your samples yourself, there is still one service we can offer you: direct marking! We mark your samples, whether they have been cut by our teams or supplied by you. We choose the most suitable printing technique according to the material and surface of the sample:

Direct marking is recommended for referencing removable samples.

Assembling your sample collections

 In order to supply you with ready-to-use displays, we can assemble the samples

Complete achievement of your models

You want to show what’s behind the finishing coat? No problem ! Design Duval creates your entire exploded system models (insulation, waterproofing, repair/renovation, floors, etc.) with the different stages of application. From the smallest size to the larger POS exhibit, your models are carefully and precisely crafted by a team of professionals.