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Display briefcase for wooden parquet samples

POS case to display 21 samples of wooden parquet

This sample case is meant to display a new range of parquet in points of sales. Each colour of the range is represented by a real sample of cut parquet. Distributed by sales representatives in exhibition spaces, these sales aids should be easy to carry and quick to use. The carrying handle must be able to support a total weight of 4 kg samples.

Design Duvals know-how to create this case – POS display for parquet samples

Targeting the high-end market, we conceived this display as a casket.

When placed on the counter, it is easy to unfold and transform into a POS display with a back board and a front board offering an advertising space.

Opening on the full length and height ensure an optimal view of the samples in the POS version.

A PVC handle with side seam, fixed by two metal ferrets guarantee and secure the carrying while contributing with its finish to the luxury casket style. This fastening system enables the handle to be folded back completely without interfering with the placing of the display unit.

A small customized case with double function (case and POS counter display) provided with complete service (conception and production)

The display case is made of binder’s board, laminated with a offset printed film.

The lift-off hinges chosen for the cardboard allows the case lid to be folded back for display function. Hidden magnets integrated in the cardboard maintain the case in display and closed position.

The parquet samples are meant to be removable and are therefore placed in a shaped foam cushion. They are secure for transport and can be easily taken out and put back in during the presentation.

Technical features or the demonstrated model

POS Box for wooden parquet

  • Reference : 397300
  • Size : 385 x 205 x 150 closed – 385 x 205 x 310 mm in display function.
  • Material : laminated turned-in cardboard 2 mm
  • Print : 4 colour outer/inner + glossy lamination
  • Accessories : 4 hidden magnets for POS counter display, 1 PVC handle with side seam, mounted with 2 metal ferrets.
  • Minimum order: 250 copies