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PVC sheath for combining angle and profiles sample cases

Sales support tools for professional carpenters: the customized demo set

Your documentation and your profile samples all-in-one, in your carpentry demo case. A entire tailor-made solution, with freely customizable displays.

Manufacturing a fully modular joinery demonstration case

Our client, a carpentry manufacturer, wanted to provide his sales representatives with a complete, solid and flexible sales tool to display five ranges of angle samples and door profiles.

The challenge was to create a module for doors and a module for profiles, adapted to the five ranges! Our design office suggested the creation of displays of identical dimensions, adapted to flexible use and easily customizable by adding a label. A real challenge when you know that not all window angles have the same width, and that joinery profiles can vary in shape, size and even number.

Each of the five ranges consists of two displays:

  • a display for angles,
  • a display for profiles.

The displays are made of PVC, a material selected for its resistance considering the weight of the samples and the repeated manipulation, with a textured finish for its upmarket image.

A modular and customizable design

Each presentation module has a grip hole for easy handling and a spine label holder to customize the cover. On the inside left flap is a transparent PVC pocket to store documentation. On the inside right flap, a machined foam houses the samples.

For this project, the adhesive foam shapes, cut to size by Design Duval, were delivered separately, leaving the customer free to compose his modules in accordance with his collections, his needs and his retailers requirements.

A set designed for a full demonstration

As these two elements – angle and profile – are often presented together, we united the matching modules in sheaths we designed and produced, each one of them customized according to the same basic design: a transparent PVC pocket printed with the customer’s logo. A side strap with snap fasteners prevents the modules from falling out and acts as a handle.

To complete this presentation, we designed and produced an independent module dedicated to accessories (cylinder, key, etc.). For this module, we manufactured a sample chart of aluminium and wood plates which are loose and therefore easy to update (cutting, marking) and we printed the warranty card.

Finally, in order to offer our customer a global solution to face any situation, we conceived the sheaths of the five ranges and the accessories as a whole that can be united in a single complete demonstration case. The case has been designed in nylon in perfect harmony with the style of the sheaths.

A precise and perfectly adapted solution

This extremely complex project required a close working relationship with the customer, in order to meet exactly his needs, both for flexibility between ranges and for sample replacement.

Do you also have complex projects to carry out? Or would you like advice to turn your ideas into reality? Then please contact us !

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Customizable joinery demonstration modules

  • Reference: 396463
  • Size:
    • angles : 260 x 220 x 92 mm
    • profiles : 260 x 220 x 55 mm
  • Material :
    • outer: PVC Seta
    • lining : smooth PVC
    • label holder and documentation pocket : transparent PVC
    • inner: cut-to-size foam shape
  • Print:
    • inner: 2-colour screenprint
    • warranty card : digital
    • alu and wood plates: digital
  • Accessories :
    • grip hole
    • handle
    • snap fasteners
  • Samples:
    • 28 alu plates, cut and marked
    • 10 wood species, cut and marked
  • Minimum order : 300 copies