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PVC colour chart with customized thermo adapted to the samples for an optimized durability

Welded PVC sample display with thermoformed inside shape for removable aluminium and wood joinery samples

Designed with PVC inner and outer casing, and thermoformed inside shape also made of PVC, the Design Duval sample display is a durable aluminium and wood joinery sample display system . Design Duval has invested more than 40 years of expertise in thermoforming and high-frequency welding to design a customized product, a real sales support tool.

Design and manufacture of a customized all-PVC display

This sample display consists of three panels that are closed with a Velcro® strap. This triptych display has been made of PVC, selected for its sturdiness, with a cardboard reinforcement over the entire surface of the cover. We welded thermoformed PVC parts inside the display. As for all its customized projects, Design Duval specifically developed a thermoforming tool. The samples are in this way perfectly secured and cannot fall out, even after numerous manipulations. PVC ist also extremely durable and is suited to aluminium samples whose edges can be a little sharp.

Choosing the finishes for a customized and unique thermoformed sample display

What makes these thermoformed shapes original is the choice of a transparent PVC that reveals the inside of the shutters, thus offering an additional advertising space. The product references were printed under the recesses. Depending on the quantity of colour charts ordered, we recommend either digital printing or offset for the cover.

With its polypropylene handle, the welded PVC sample display with inside thermoformingis easy to handle and carry. And as the handle can be folded down, the sample display can be opened completely flat for a professional presentation around a meeting table.

A pioneer in high-frequency welding in France, Design Duval creates the right answer to your needs, with superior quality finishes and customized design to distinguish you from competitors. Take a look at other examples of custom welded and stitched leather articles.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Thermoformed PVC sample display for removable samples

  • Reference : 396254
  • Size: 819 x 315 mm, spine 48 mm
  • Material: 30/100 white PVC with cardboard reinforcement for the cover and closing strap, 50/100 transparent PVC for the thermoforming
  • Print: 4-colour offset inner and outer print for the cover
  • Accessories :
    • 45 mm 30/100 white PVC closing strap, with Velcro
    • transparent polypropylene folding handle
  • Manufacture : high-frequency welding
  • Minimum order : 1000 copies