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PVC chart with digital printing and thermoformed wedge for scrape coatings in trays

Welded PVC display with thermo for removable samples in trays

To exhibit samples of coatings, flooring or other materials to be casted, Design Duval suggests a welded PVC display unit with trays fitted in a thermo, which are removable by tilting: an innovative device designed by Design Duval for an aesthetic, space-saving and customized presentation.

Duval Design innovation: a patented and original tilting system for samples in removable injection-moulded trays.

To present your finest sample finishes, Design Duval suggests a two-panel welded PVC display, selected for its sturdiness. Inside each panel, a thermoformed PVC custom-made shape houses the different samples. For an aesthetic and space-saving presentation, Design Duval designed a simple, clean sample fixing system: the samples are cast in injected trays, which are then clipped into the thermo. They can be easily removed by tilting.

Production of single-layer scratch coatings in Design Duval workshops

For this project, Design Duval took in charge the complete making of the thermoformed PVC chart, including the manufacturing of the samples. Experts in the production of scraped coatings, we master the mixing and scraping to achieve the right shade. We work in shifts to be always ready and to deliver products to a tight deadline.

Digital, screen and inkjet printing on all surfaces

We made use of our mastery in the various printing techniques:

  • the brand was advertised on the cover with digital printing,
  • the reference of the ranges was screen-printed on the thermo,
  • the reference of each shade was inkjet printed on the trays.

Having in-house control of the entire development chain, Design Duval can take charge of the complete production of thermoformed PVC charts: design, manufacture, printing, sample production and packaging. We make good use of our creativity and technical know-how to produce a fully customized colour chart ( number and type of samples, dimensions and display colours, printing, closing system…) designed to emphasize the value of your products.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Thermoformed PVC display for removable samples in trays

  • Reference : 396161
  • Size: 495 x 308 mm open, 232 x 308 x 25 mm closed (Remember: all Duval Design displays are made to measure according to your needs.)
  • Sample size : 60 x 50 x 8 mm
  • Material: white PVC 30/100 cover, black PVC 50/100 thermo
  • Print: digital printed cover, screenprinted thermo, inkjet printed trays
  • Minimum order: 1000 copies (less, if the thermo tool is available. Contact us to find out more!)