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4-panel cardboard display for mineral and creative plaster samples

Customized cardboard display for mineral coating samples as a complete service

Having any trouble finding a display for your fragile mineral or creative coatings? Design Duval, expert in customized solutions will help you to create a sample display adapted to your materials and designed to highlight them! We can also provide you with a complete service including production and cutting of your coating samples!

Design Duval : design and manufacture of a sample display with cardboard grids adapted to mineral coating samples

This cardboard sample display can show different shades and finishes of mineral coatings for indoor and outdoor walls. The samples are presented in cardboard grids,

  • to protect them: the fragile corners of the samples are safe from crumbling or breaking;
  • to present them in a harmonious way : this cardboard display can contain coatings from 5 to 8 mm thick;
  • to highlight them: the presentation in customized grids with curved edges gives the colour chart a high-class finish.

This compact coating sample display was designed as four panels, offering an overall view on 16 large samples, while keeping a maximum advertising space on the cover.

The sample display, a real reference tool for architects and coating professionals, was made of laminated turned-in binder’s board, covered with a fabric overlay, to protect it from dirt and outside weather conditions on building sites.

It closes perfectly and looks great thanks to the two hidden magnets.


Duval Design: the individual answer to your needs, available as a complete service

Our client wanted a high-end design for his sample display but also good resistance to handling to show his samples of mineral coatings in different thicknesses. Manufacturing mineral and creative coatings is a delicate task, but Design Duval’s sampling department masters it perfectly. We were able to produce this display as a complete service:

  • applying and cutting of coating samples,
  • design, production and printing of the sample display (cover + grids),
  • sticking the grids and inserting the samples.

Design Duval, a specialist in bespoke production, provides customized designs to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements. As part of this project, we have developed for our customer a display case for ETICS samples with the same visual identity as the display case for mineral coating samples.

Design Duval adapts to your request: number, thickness and size of samples, dimensions, printing and lamination of the sample chart, or other forms of presentation ( case, POS…).

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Cardboard display for mineral coating samples

  • Reference : 396172
  • Size:
    • 960 x 310 mm open
    • 221 x 310 x40 mm closed
  • Material:
    • 2 mm laminated turned-in binder’s board for the cover
    • hard laminated cardboard grids 5 mm et 8 mm
  • Print :
    • outer: 4-colour + fabric lamination
    • inner: 1-colour + matt lamination
    • cardboard grids : 2-colour
  • Accessories :
    • hidden magnets
  • Samples: 16 samples size 129 x 90 mm
  • Minimum order : 500 copies