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Cardboard and polypropylene case for ETICS models and technical documentation

Cardboard and polypropylene technical display case for thermal insulation samples

Designed for architects, this display case for thermal insulation samples is attractive and functional. Combining several materials and techniques, this complex project was carried out as a complete service by Design Duval, from the design of the case to the manufacture of the ETICS samples, and met the client’s requirements in an efficient and customized approach.

Customized creation of a first class technical case for ETICS samples

The custom sample display case has been designed to showcase four ETICS. With an eye for aesthetics, Design Duval favoured the display case, with full flat opening, for a neat presentation and easy handling of the models. Made of laminated turned-in binder’s board covered with a fabric overlay, closed with invisible magnets and equipped with a sewn imitation leather handle, this technical sample case for ETICS offers a high-end finish and great durability.

The compact design of the ETICS case is surprising: the clever layout of the case in several compartments makes it possible to display the four ETICS systems and to store customer documentation. The ETICS compartment contains four removable transparent PVC wallets, in which the ETICS can be viewed without having to take them out of the case. A cut-out window reveals the systems in the compartment when the wallets are stowed away. Other special compartments made of polypro or PVC contain brochures, manual, colour chart, multimedia CDs and business cards.

Each space has been optimised for product communication, with the use of four-colour offset printing on the briefcase and screenprinting on the transparent wallets containing the ETICS models.

Design Duval, expert in custom multi-material displays

For the making of this customized ETICS case, Design Duval proved its ability to design a unique and original product and to combine several materials:

  • laminated turned-in binder’s board for the case,
  • opaque and transparent polypropylene for the inside compartments,
  • Transparent PVC for business card holder and CD pocket,
  • sewn imitation leather for the handle.

As our client wanted a full service for this project, Design Duval was commissioned to produce all the exploded modelsfor different types of insulation materials (mineral wool, EPS) delivered by the client and according to his instructions (width and thickness of the layers).

Design Duval can offer a customized solution adapted to your needs: from the simple creation of colour charts to the complete service, including the production of samples! Our experienced team, and our customer knowledge, build a long-lasting partnership with each of our clients. We can thus create complementary products to cover all your presentation and communication needs. Discover for example the customized cardboard mineral coating sample display in complete service in the same range as the technical case for ETICS.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

ETICS case as a complete service

  • Reference : 395962
  • Size:
    • open: 800 x 320 mm
    • closed: 220 x 320 x 120 mm
    • For the 4 ETICS: 70 x 200 mm
  • Material:
    • 2,5 mm laminated turned-in binder’s board for the case
    • 0,8 mm black PP for the 2 inside compartments
    • 0,5 mm transparent PP for the individual ETICS wallets
    • 30/10 transparent PVC for the business card holder and the CD pocket
  • Print:
    • case: 4-colour inner and outer + fabric overlay
    • transparent ETICS wallets: 2 colour screenprint
  • Accessories :
    • hidden magnets
    • sewn imitation leather handle
    • business card holder
  • Minimum order: 250 copies