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Customized sales case for joinery range display

Customized demonstration case with trolley

To carry and display your different ranges of joinery samples, provide your sales representatives and distributors with a bespoke carry case with a strong, functional and easy-to-handle trolley.

A sturdy technical case for transporting a large number of samples

This wheeled suitcase contains eight joinery modules (combining aluminium, wood, steel and mixed material angles and profiles) and a module for accessories: a large volume that can be carried without the weight and dimensions being a burden.

In order not to add extra weight, we chose sewn nylon, a material known for its strength and lightness. This choice was particularly appreciated by the customer, as nylon has a similar aspect to the textured PVC selected for the manufacture of the module coverings. For optimal strength, the case was reinforced with MDF and a tubular structure.

The outside has been customized with a screenprinted logo.

Practical accessories on request

The demonstration case is equipped with two handles, as on traditional suitcases (top and side), so that it can be easily lifted. The handles are made of polyester and reinforced for better comfort.
It was essential to add a trolley to easily transport the 14 kg of carpentry samples.

To make it functional, the inside of the suitcase has been arranged as a small shelf unit.
You can open the front of the case completely by means of two metal twist locks and four velcro straps on the sides. The case can be transformed instantly into a POS display, ideal in a showroom or at a trade fair.
Pockets have been added on each side to store documentation.

Design Duval designs and creates your customized sales display case: we can either adapt to your samples, displays or existing modules, or we can take over the entire creation of your project.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Customized demonstration case with trolley

  • Reference: 396476
  • Size: 495 x 610 x 280 mm
  • Material: black polyester reinforced with MDF and a tubular structure
  • Print: 2-colour screenprint on the front flap
  • Accessories :
    • 2 metal twist locks
    • 4 velcro straps
    • 1 trolley
    • 2 feet
    • 2 polyester handles
  • Content: 9 display modules (door angles and profiles)
  • Minimum order : 200 copies