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Switch range collection with high definition digital printing

Customized POS display for switch collection

To showcase your domotic products, choose a POS wall display ! The Design Duval customizable POS wall display shows your complete collection of switches, sockets and other domotic systems, making them accessible to your customers, and is the ideal way to present your products.

Customized wall display: your entire collection of switches at a glance!

Our customer wanted to show his entire range of switches on a single display, giving buyers the opportunity to touch them. Aimed at DIY stores, building material retailers and electrical installers, the display had to be attractive and easy to set up.

Design Duval chose a Forex® expanded PVC panel, ideal in all respects:

  • the panel is light, easy to fix and reposition;
  • it is solid, supports many switchesand is hard-wearing;
  • the panel offers a good surface quality and can be printed to advertise and promote the brand’s image.

The size of the display for domotic products has been adapted to display 22 switches in a compact way, with maximum space for printing.

To keep the display as light as possible, we fixed the switches on the POS display without their mechanism: the universal support was stuck on the panel, then we fixed the toggle or hubcap, and finally the cover plate.

Design Duval: your supplier for complete solutions of ready-to-use, customized POS displays!

Our customer also asked us to take in charge the digital printing of the POS wall display in four-colour high definition. Digital printing is particularly interesting for this type of project: you can print multiple visuals and language versions without additional set-up costs. Ideal for your export-oriented projects or to match the style of your different collections for example!

Design Duval, specialist in manufacturing on order, suggests for this type of POS display, different hanging systems depending if you choose a wall display or a suspension system in rows.

To display your products and convey your values, Design Duval creates the bespoke POS display adapted to your needs. Have a look, for example, at our suspended mobile POS display, with its customized shape designed to suit the product’s image perfectly.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

POS-display for switch collection

  • Reference : 393991
  • Size: 1200 x 775 mm
  • Material: Forex panel support 10 mm
  • Print: large digital high definition front print
  • Accessories : back hanger for hanging on walls
  • Switch affixing without their mechanism
  • Minimum order : 50 copies