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Customized display case for domotic samples

This multifunctional sales case for domotic samples is a perfect example of Design Duval’s creativity: it can store samples and documentation, makes them safe and easy to carry, and acts as a display unit. Created in complete service, it illustrates perfectly the aim of our company to provide you with a turnkey high-quality solution.

Customized creation of an aluminium suitcase for domotic sample display

This customized case is used to carry and display different ranges of electrical switches.

It is made of wooden panels cased with aluminium profiles. Each panel is layered with four-colour printed PVC.

It is equipped with a handle and a telescopic trolley with two very strong wheels.

The large case with fully removable lid and inside padding can contain four displays, also made by Design Duval. Each one of the two-panel displays can be fitted with different ranges of switches.

A lock on each side of the case closes it securely.

A customized multi-function briefcase

The aluminium demonstration case for domotic samples was conceived by our design office to also act as a display case. We therefore integrated a rigid PVC plate with openings in the lid to fit two switching mechanisms.

This plate can be tilted in demonstration mode and then held flat by a twist-lock for transport. Documentation can be inserted on the back.

The cover has been fitted with four resin feet to protect the bottom and enhance the “presentation support” feature when returned to demonstration mode.

The four displays contained in the aluminium display case were made of four-colour printed PVC.
Each one includes :

  • a transparent PVC pocket welded on the left flap, to insert a picture or documentation,
  • a customized thermoformed shape on the right flap, to display the switch frames.

The latter are removable and easy to take out to be tested on the switch mechanisms inside the lid.

A turnkey project!

Dedicated to our clients and wishing to provide them with global solutions, we carried out this project as a complete service:

  • design, production and printing of the suitcases,
  • design, production and printing of the displays,
  • fitting the switches in the displays by unpacking each piece individually,
  • Fixing of the switching mechanisms on the cover,
  • manufacture of cases and displays.

By creating this customized domotic sample briefcase, Design Duval proved its ability to design a unique and original product, combining several materials (wood, aluminium, foam, PVC) and various techniques(welding, thermoforming, tool making, foam and plate cutting, printing on PVC).

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Customized domotic sample display case

  • Reference : 394890
  • Size: 340 (width) x 380 + 60 mm lid (height) x 225 mm (depth)
  • Material: aluminium profiles, wood panels layered with PVC
  • Print: 4-colour print on 3 sides
  • Accessories :
    • telescopic trolley
    • 2 wheels
    • 2 stops on the bottom and 4 on the lid
    • 2 draw latches
    • 1 handle
    • 1 black rigid PVC panel inside the lid with openings
  • Minimum order: 100 copies

2 panel domotic sample display case

  • Reference : 394890
  • Size:
    • 775 x 330 mm open with 35 mm spine (2 modules)
    • 794 x 330 mm open with 54 mm spine (2 modules)
  • Material:
    • cover: offset PVC 30/100
    • thermo : white PVC 60/100
    • sample padding : white foam
  • Print: 4-colour
  • Accessories : 1 transparent pocket on the display inside front covers to insert a picture
  • Minimum order : 1000 copies