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Rigid PVC box for storage and display of large sealants manufactured in our workshops

Customized POS display box for veneer grout samples

Ideal for displaying your range of veneer grout colours, this very handy case serves both as a transport box and a POS display. Design Duval created this customized product for our client to provide its consultants with a functional and aesthetic sales tool.

A veneer grout sample wallet with two functions

The colour sample display box for large grouts is made of rigid PVC. A special feature of this colour chart is its double function: it combines a compact and strong box, to easily carry the sealing mortar samples, and a POS display, for the aesthetic and quick overview of its contents.

The POS display version is made possible in open position by turning the lid over, transforming it into an easel. With this type of display, the buyer can easily take out the sealants, to look at them and place them next to bricks, veneer plates, paving stones, stones, slabs or tiles for terraces and balconies.

A fully customized POS display

Entirely custom-made, the colour chart can be adapted to the size and number of grouts you wish to present.
Its rigidity allows it to house all types of grout samples, without the risk of damaging them.
Also discover our wallet for tile grout samples, thinner than veneer grouts.

The box can be screen-printed or digitally printed, according to your needs. We can even customize it by adding stickers on the bottom or inside the lid, if the material is opaque.

A complete service for a ready-to-use large grout sample wallet

The veneer grout samples were manufactured by our sampling department using the customer’s materials and according to his instructions.

The grouts were

  • cast in aluminium profiles,
  •  processed in order to obtain the desired effect (surface appearance and texture).
  • cut to the requested size,
  • marked with product references,
  • packed in the case, to deliver a finished product.

Experts in sample manufacturing, we can repeat the production of your epoxy joints, cement, sand… grouts, always using the appropriate technique for a perfect result.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

POS veneer grout sample display

  • Reference : 396169
  • Size: length on request x 96,5 x 18 mm (length x width x height)
  • Material: rigid PVC
  • Print: screen- or digital printing on the ledge (visible part in POS position) and on the bottom
  • Accessories : sticker on the bottom or inside the lid (if the lid is opaque)
  • Samples: 10 veneer grout samples 8 x 13 x 80 mm
  • Minimum order: 500 copies