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Customized polypropylene display boxes and wallets for veneer grouts

To carry and display your veneer grout samples, Design Duval provides you with a compact, economical and strong polypropylene box. This fully customizable sample wallet can be perfectly adapted to your samples.

A simple sales tool, popular for testing on the spot

Made of weather- and wear-resistant PP, the display box for veneer grout samplesis very popular amongst sales consultants who travel to outdoor building sites. With its compact size and snap lock, the wallet fits easily into a bag or a pocket, while keeping the grout profiles in place. The large opening increases visibility and makes it easier to remove the samples, and test them on the spot.

A customized sample wallet for greater effect

The PP display box for veneer grout samples offers an interesting space for advertising, since PP can be screen- or digitally printed. Thus, the box can be marked to your company’s colours, to provide technical information or simply advertise your brand. Though compact, the sample box attracts attention to you!
In a similar way, you can benefit from a fully customized PP box: for this project, the customer supplied the grout sample profiles and Design Duval designed the case to fit the size of the samples. We adapt the display to your needs: size and number of your samples, marking, PP finish (opaque or opalescent)…

At Design Duval, we offer to provide this product as a complete service, including the manufacture of your grout samples, and, on request, dispatching to your retailers!

Technical features of the demonstrated model

PP sample wallet for veneer grout

  • Reference : 396529
  • Size: 387 x 198 open, 140 x 163 x 14 mm closed
  • Material: PP opalescent 8/10
  • Print: 2-colour outer screenprint, 1-colour inkjet print on the sample profiles
  • Snap lock
  • Sample size : 160 x 17 x 13 mm ; veneer grout in transparent profiles
  • Minimum order : 300 copies