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Maβgeschneiderte Musterkollektion zur Präsentation von herausnehmbaren Echtmustern

Thermoformed display with cardboard cover for removable entrance mat samples

Design Duval’s know-how includes design and manufacture of customized displays combining various materials and techniques. We were thus able to satisfy a client who was looking for a way to showcase his door mat samples: we designed a fully customized cardboard and thermo display.

Cardboard and thermo for a functional, aesthetic and long-lasting sample display.

In order to fit the entrance mat samples perfectly, Design Duval chose to manufacture a custom-made thermoformed PVC shape. Thermoforming was also selected for its sturdiness: it offers better resistance to the metal parts contained in the entrance mat samples than foam padding.

The thermo wedge was stuck on a 2 mm thick cardboard two-panel cover.

Grip holes make the carpet samples easily removable: handling and testing the products is therefore easier. The references are printed on the thermoformed sample display, to help identify their position when putting them back in place.

Creating a customized thermoformed sample chart to meet your needs and requirements.

This thermoformed displayis designed to hold four samples, but can be fully customized: number of samples, colour, size, appearance, finish, type of printing, etc… Design Duval uses its know-how and technical skills to customize your removable sample displayand highlight your products.

For each of its clients, Design Duval designs a customized product, according to their real needs and their technical and aesthetic requirements. In control of the entire production process taking place in our premises, Design Duval can create whole sample displays: design, manufacture and printing.

Would you like to see other projects combining cardboard and thermo? Take a look at the thermoformed colour sample display case for cement and silicone sealant samplesand discover a new, unique and bespoke presentation of your samples!

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Thermoformed display for removable samples

  • Reference : 393893
  • Size:
    • open: 522 x 305 mm
    • closed: 245 x 305 x 32 mm
  • Material:
    • cover: 2 mm laminated turned-in binder’s board
    • thermo : white PVC 80/100
  • Print: 4-colour inner and outer + matt overlay ; 1-colour screenprint marking on the thermoformed shape
  • Samples: 4 samples (exists also in 2 sample version)
  • Minimum order : 1000 copies