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Thermoformed sample display case for cement and silicone sealants

Ideal for presenting your range of cement and silicone sealant colour samples, this thermoformed colour sample case is both functional and attractive. It is perfectly adapted to display many samples, but is also a high-end sample case. With this customized product provided by Design Duval as a complete service, our client could equip its sales representatives with an efficient and complete sales tool.

An elegant sample case with a functional thermoformed insert

The cement and silicone grout sample display is composed of two laminated turned-in binder’s board panels and closes with invisible magnets for an elegant finish. The shutters are covered with a strong canvas lamination that protects the corners of the display. Inside the right-hand panel of the sample chart, the thermoformed shape is framed by two PVC profiles, which conceal the open sides of the thermo. The colour chart is then displayed as a high-end case.

For this support, Design Duval chose thermo, with its many advantages:

  • creation of customized spaces for the samples, with notches for easy handling;
  • marking of sample references on the thermo, for easy storage;
  • customized layout of the spaces, allowing cement and silicone samples to be displayed facing one another so that the colours may be compared;
  • optimized surface: the thermo enables the samples to be placed very near each other, thus a compact presentation with enough space for 26 grout samples and 28 silicone sealant samples;
  • durability.

The compact presentation of the samples on a single inner flap leaves plenty of room for communication: the customer’s technical information could be printed on the other flap and on the entire outer surface.

A case with thermo for samples customized for each of the target countries, made as a complete service by Design Duval.

Thanks to our knowledge of customer needs and our mastery of different materials, we provide a service on request. For this project, Design Duval provided the complete service:

  • display design, manufacture and printing ,
  • manufacture of cement grouts,
  • application of silicone drops.

We also took care of all different language versions of the colour sample display with thermo, which means :

  • taking care of the printing (cover, thermo and sealants) in every language,
  • dispatching and invoicing for each target country.

Using this method, we were able to provide subsidiaries with filled and ready-to-use sample displays, and could also spare the client production costs. Indeed, having asked Design Duval to provide all target countries, our client easily reached the minimum order required to cover the cost of the customized thermoforming tooling. He was thus able to take advantage of an interesting price for a very elegant and practical customized solution.

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Technical features of the demonstrated model

Sample display case with thermo for removable sealants

  • Reference : 396809
  • Size:
    • open: 480 x 297 mm
    • closed: 223 x 297 x 17 mm
  • Material:
    • cover: 2 mm laminated turned-in binder’s board
    • thermo : PVC 50/100
  • Print:
    • 4-colour + 1 outer and inner + fabric lamination for the cover
    • 1-colour on the thermo
  • Accessories :
    • 2 hidden magnets
    • 2 white PVC profiles
  • Samples: 26 cement grout samples 8 x 8 x 60 mm, 28 silicone drops
  • Minimum order: 1000 copies