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Compact and durable product display case

Customized PVC case for presentation of fragrances

Cosmetics, pharmacy, perfume, hygiene… whatever your sector of activity, discover the customized briefcase perfectly adapted to your range of fragrances!

A small case to carry, protect and display your samples.

Our customer, a prescriber in the electronic cigarette sector, contacted our research department to design a support that had to meet three requirements: transportation, protection and presentation of a range of fragrances.

Design Duval created a customized demonstration case, presented as a scent case.

Compact and equipped with a handle, this scent case is easy to carry. We chose a practical and light closing system: Velcro tape.

Inside the case, the glass tubes containing fragrances and other e-cigarette accessories, are perfectly secure in their custom-cut foam shape. The foam padding is also ideal to protect the products during transport and to make them easy to handle during demonstrations.

The case with foam padding is made of PVC, reinforced with cardboard, resistant, inexpensive, light and easy to clean.

Its four-panel presentation offers a complete overview on all articles, as well as a large advertising space. All foam-free parts can be customized with screen-, four-colour digital or offset printing.

A fully customizable service

However, being fully customizable, the case can be adapted to all fields: to display household products, fragrance or flavour samples in order to sharpen the consumer’s sensorial experience, etc.

Expert in the making of customized selling tools, Design Duval assists you in the creation of your display unit, whatever your requirements (applications, number of items, size).

Design Duval can also carry out your project as a complete service: from the design to the placing of your products in the foam shape.

Find inspiration in our other proposals of cases designed for transport and sample display. Have a look, for example, at our customized transparent plexi case or our sample display box with tubes !

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Customized four-part transportable fragrance sample case

  • Reference : FS4445
  • Size: 944 x 287 mm open
  • Material:
    • top and inside PVC 35/100 thick, opaque, standard range colour
    • cardboard reinforcement 24/10 thick
  • Print: 1-colour screenprint
  • inner padding by sticking 4 foams shapes, size 150 x 320 mm, made to contain 31 articles 120 x 24 mm + 1 pocket 150 x 50 16 mm
  • Accessories :
    • injected plastic handle
    • 2 velcro tapes fasteners
  • Minimum order: 150 copies