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Sample case with visible foam on the sides

Welded PVC display case with custom-made foam shape

A true masterpiece, this display case contains more than 100 removable composite material samples in a compact, attractive, easy-to-carry and flexible format.

104 samples in a single presentation case? Challenge accepted!

The case was made of welded PVC with a cardboard reinforcement.

A custom-cut machine-made foam insert, designed to hold 104 samples of Corian® size 50 x 50 mm, was stuck inside the case.
The foam is visible on the sides and closes the case. This solution is appreciated for its cost-saving and aesthetic aspect. The case is secured by two velcro fasteners.
The silver colour and the elegant, one-colour marking on the cover lend the sample presentation case an elegant and stylish note.

Our customer wanted a small compact case, so we decided to place the samples upright to reduce the dimensions of the welded PVC sample case. This type of embedding is also an original and very aesthetic way to present the samples.

The display case is equipped with a colour-coordinated injected plastic handle, attached to the top, for easy transport. This PVC and foam case is also an excellent display tool. It opens completely to reveal a wide range of decorations at a glance.
It is also highly appreciated for its flexibility: the removable samples can be handled, tested on the spot and easily replaced when collections are updated.

Customized manufacturing and complete service for sample cases

Manufacturer of custom sample cases, Design Duval customizes :

  • size,
  • colour,
  • marking,
  • foam shape
  • accessories,
  • finishes.

According to the type of products, we can also manufacture and make your samples. Take a look, for instance, at our terracotta sample display foam box, manufactured and marked in our workshop.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Welded PVC display case with inside foam shape

  • Reference : 394258
  • Size:
    • open: 870 x 510 mm
    • closed: 350 x 510 x 57 mm
  • Material:
    • outer: metal coloured PVC 30/100, 2,4 mm reinforced cardboard
    • inner: 1 PTZ29 machine made foam for 104 samples size 50 x 50 mm
  • Print: 1 colour outer screenprint
  • Accessories :
    • 1 black injected plastic handle
    • 2 velcros
  • Minimum order: 300 copies