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POS cardboard easel for silicone or parquet flooring sealants

This practical counter POS display with easel shows the 14 available colours in the range of silicone sealants.

A colour sample display unit provided as a complete service

This colour chart display is a printed and laminated turned in binder’s board with easel and can be used as a counter POS display. The challenge of this project is rather to apply the 14 shades of silicone while guaranteeing a perfect homogeneity for all the drops.

Design Duval – a reliable and experienced partner for applying and displaying silicone sealant samples

Design Duval offers to show silicone sealants as drops or in aluminium strips. To make sure that all drops have the same size, our technicians created semi-automated equipment to control the amount of material applied – taking into account the different fluidity of each shade, as well as the possible presence of bubbles in the cartridge.

As we enjoy a challenge, we also made similar flooring sealant display charts for parquet flooring sealants by applying the product as drops.

Technical features for the demonstrated model

Counter POS display with easel for 14 silicone dots

  • Reference : 397026
  • Size : 210 x 150 mm ou 210 x 300 mm for the parquet flooring sealant
  • Material : laminated turned-in binder’s board
  • Print : offset with glossy lamination
  • Accessories : cardboard easel
  • Samples : 14 silicone drops
  • Minimum order : 300 copies