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Tailor-made travel set consisting of a travel document bag and a luggage tag

Coordinated travel pouch and luggage tag in grained imitation leather with stitched finish

Design Duval designed and created an entirely bespoke matching travel kit, featuring a leatherette travel pouch and luggage tag holder with a sober and classy design.

Advertising media for luxury brands

Specialist in bespoke travel, our client designs unique products with high added value. Design Duval, also a specialist in bespoke products and concerned about preserving a sense of exclusivity, created a matching travel kit with elegant materials and shapes, complying with the REACH European standard. The set includes a soft pouch with a flap and a tag holder. These practical accessories are ideal for keeping and protecting travel documents and for luggage identification… but they can also be easily used for other purposes by the agency’s clients, thanks to their sober design and neat finish.

The storage pouch and the tag holder are made of matt imitation leather, grained on the outside and smooth on the inside, with a pleasant touch, appealing to consumers. To accentuate its luxurious style, the client chose a stitched finish. the company’s name ist embossed on the inside to add the finishing touch to this elegant set.

Customized finish for a travel kit to your requirements

The pouch has a good capacity, to easily store all types of documents, while giving a good view on the content. Despite its large dimensions, the supple fabric makes it easy to handle and carry. The colour of the topstitching and the inside of the imitation leather contrasts with the other parts of the pouch for a striking, classy and modern look. The tag holder , fitted with a lift-up flap, reveals a cardboard insert underneath a transparent clear PVC on which the owner’s name and address can be printed. We suggested a metal buckle closure with silver finish to fasten the tag holder to the luggage, in line with its upmarket style.

To enhance your brand image, Design Duval creates promotional products that meet your requirements. With its wide choice of materials, a variety of marking techniques and customized finishes, Design Duval can create for you a fully customized promotional product.


Technical features of the demonstrated products

High quality imitation leather pouch with flap

  • Reference : 396110
  • Size: 320 x 255 mm
  • Material: leatherette (outer matt, medium wide grain, inner smooth)
  • Print: embossing 18 x 90 mm
  • Stitched finish
  • Minimum order : 1000 copies

High quality leatherette travel tag holder

  • Reference : 396109
  • Size: 108 x 63 mm
  • Material: matt leatherette, medium wide grain, inner smooth, with clear transparent PVC label holder 42 x 72 mm
  • Print: embossing 18 x 70 mm
  • Accessory : bracelet with metal closure
  • Stitched finish
  • Minimum order : 1000 copies