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Welded or sewn finish for individual card holders, ticket sleeves, lottery ticket sleeves.

Custom made pass sleeves, ticket sleeves, card holders as loyalty or promotional gift

Local, regional or national transport companies, travel agencies, banks, insurance companies, trade, industry, clubs and associations, museums … the list of our customers who use ticket sleeves, card sleeves, pass holders as advertising or loyalty gifts is long. Design Duval is specialised in custom manufacturing for the B2B sector and produces this type of bespoke visible and protective sleeves – not just standard articles with a printed logo, but your creation – with similar terms and delivery schedules.

Welded ticket sleeves, ID sleeves, card holders made of soft PVC

Unlike most advertising material suppliers, we don’t provide standard articles you select from a catalogue to be customized with your logo. Our Design Duval card holder, ticket sleeve or identity card wallet are specially designed and manufactured for you.

As an experienced specialist in the processing of HF welded PVC, Design Duval has a great variety of tools to produce card holders for credit cards, fuel cards, loyalty cards as well as identity cards , tickets, lottery ticket sleeves etc. These tools can be used for standard sizes – but you can design everything else!

You choose the colour, feel, texture of the material and how you want to design your promotional gift. We print digitally, or using screen or offset printing and emboss on foamed PVC. The result is a promotional gift in a classic format, but which stands out through its creative design and will be remembered by your customers.

If you need special sizes or would like to leave a lasting impression on your customers with an original and entirely unique multipurpose card holder or ticket sleeve, our designers are creatively ready to assist you. Together we will consider which kind of use is currently relevant and appropriate for your target group. We can thus create a wallet or sleeve that customers will appreciate and use for a long time.

High-quality sewn card holders and document wallets for premium customers

For premium customers or simply to match the image of your brand, we design high quality sewn card holders, document wallets or ticket sleeves.

These sewn promotional gifts in the small leather goods sector are always custom-made by Design Duval to ensure that every detail is perfect. We take good note of your ideas and advise you on the choice of material, the design, the printing and possible accessories. Before production begins, we create models for your approval or modifications if necessary. We work closely together throughout the process – one of our basic principles is to satisfy our customers and motivate our team.

Custom design is also interesting if you want to create a line of promotional gifts. Please have a look at an example of a high quality travel document bag with matching luggage tag.