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Bespoke PVC folders, ring binders or file boxes

Customized folders and ring binders made of PVC – strong and flexible

For presentation folders or loose-leaf binders that are in constant use and frequently manipulated, we recommend folders or ring binders made of PVC. PVC is durable and flexible – and can be designed in an attractive way by laminating, processing and printing.

Design the shape and cover of your PVC folder …

At Design Duval you can create your own customized PVC folder according to your needs and your purpose.

The choice of lamination defines the general aspect of your PVC ring binder: a smooth lamination in standard colours can’t be compared with a leatherette version or a foam lamination. A folder with standard lamination may be screen printed, while foam lamination can also be embossed. A smooth white lamination can even be offset printed – There are no limits to your creativity … as long as you intend to print a large quantity.

Usually our custom-made PVC folders are welded, but for large quantities, we can also provide you with a high quality sewn presentation folder .

You can give your plastic folder a classic shape or give it a second spine to turn it into a folder box. This folder is particularly interesting for voluminous contents and also easier to carry by adding a handle.
And if you are a fan of variety and absolute freedom, we can also leave it to you to customize your ring binder by adding welded title and back pockets, into which you can insert your own prints on request or as needed. In this way you can increase the number of copies and save costs. Such flexibility is only possible with PVC folders.


… without neglecting the inside layout of your PVC ring binder

The difficult choice you face when designing the cover of your specific PVC folder continues with the inside layout. The type, height of the mechanism are quickly defined if you know how much your ring binder will contain. Sometimes it can be interesting to add a second mechanism.

But at Design Duval you have a lot more accessories that you can use: we provide of course all kinds of welded pockets ( triangular pockets, business card sleeves …) and different shapes of dividers . But we also love challenges and like to find solutions to integrate voluminous elements into your presentation folder, especially samples of your products, as displaying real samples is another aspect of our business.

Technical features

Bespoke PVC folders and ring binders

  • Size : on order
  • Material : PVC
  • Mechanism : ring, combi or bracket mechanism, lever mechanism for unperforated contents
  • Print : Offset, screen-, digital printing, embossing
  • Additional elements : Grip hole, business card holders, indexes, Integrated clipboard, Triangular pockets, closure (Velcro, snap fastener), carry handle
  • Minimum order : 250 pieces