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Large format high-resolution digital printing for outdoor photo exhibitions

Totem display for outdoor photographic exhibitions

This wooden totem display was conceived to show a photographic art collection. The pictures were printed by Design Duval in large size digital printing on Dibond panels so that they could be exhibited outdoors for several weeks.

Design Duval’s technical know-how and innovative ideas for a totem display and outdoor exhibit with high standards.

There are many and various requirements for this exhibition display of large size photographs:

  • The large format photo exhibits are to be placed outdoors on the waterfront of a coastal town in early spring.
  • The large format fine art photo prints must be of the highest quality to reproduce exactly the photographers’ work.
  • The exhibition furniture and printed panels must be weather resistant, stable in windy conditions and resist to theft or damage
  • The photo display should also be in harmony with its environment.
  • It should also be possible to use the totem display indoors for further cultural events or as information panel or signage .
  • The totem display has to be easily transportable.

A display unit in solid wood and printed Dibond panels made in complete service (design and manufacture)

The display unit has 3 independent totems connected to each other as a triptych for outdoor exhibitions. They are each weighted down with gravel to guarantee their stability.
For these totems, the material we selected is wood. The visible parts of the structure are made of glazed sea pine wood and the hidden parts of marine plywood.
The large format digital high resolution photos are printed on Dibond panels. They are screwed at the back with hidden bolts which are not accessible once the exhibition is in place.



Technical features

Totem for outdoor photographic exhibitions

  • Reference : 397386
  • Size : 1 150 x 600 x 2 450 mm –
  • Material :
    • Display made of glazed sea pine wood and marine plywood
    • Photo panels: Dibond
  • Photo prints : 4-colour high resolution UV digital print
  • Minimum order : 5 copies