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Welded modular packaging in transparent EVA for for distribution of PPE products

Transparent custom EVA Packaging

Design Duval designed for its client from the health sector, a EVA welded bag for dispensing customised hearing protection kits. This fully customizable large-capacity packaging can contain the hearing protections, as well as the daily cleaning products and the information leaflet to care for the hearing protections.

EVA: perfectly adapted to functional large-capacity packaging

EVA seemed obvious to us as material for this project:

  • EVA is durable, very flexible and can be stored flat;
  • EVA is transparent, and popular for product display in health, food and beauty sectors;
  • EVA can be customized, it can be cut and welded to the dimensions and shape of your choice, and screen-printed or even embossed;
  • EVA’s very pleasant texture appeals to the end user.

To meet our customer’s request, we designed and manufactured a large-capacity welded bag with a very stable, modular square base, made to contain individual PPE protection and, as an option, the service kit. The snap-fastener can be adjusted in two different positions, so the bag can be adapted to the capacity and be used for other purposes by the user.

Duval Design’s expertise in bespoke EVA packaging to meet the customer’s expectations.

For this project, Design Duval designed and manufactured the packaging, while the client made and added the cardboard insert. We can of course help you customize your bag, to promote your product or your brand. We can personalize your packaging by screen or relief printing, and also design and print the cardboard to be inserted into the bag.

This type of bag can be made in many different versions and is suited to all fields of business, from industrial, health and cosmetics to food processing. Take a look, for example, at our EVA bathing suit bag, fully customized to fit our client’s corporate image.

Technical features of the demonstrated model

Transparent EVA large capacity packaging

  • Reference : 395904
  • Size: 167 x 320 x 102 mm
  • Material : welded holder in EVA thickness 20/100
  • Accessory : 1 white plastic snap fastener with two sockets on the bag’s panel to adjust its capacity
  • Minimum order: 1000 copies