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Custom-made PVC price tags, poster pockets, wallets, suspended pockets

Bespoke soft PVC price tags, poster pockets, wallets and suspended pockets

Price tags, poster pockets and suspended pockets have many uses and the design options are just as varied. So you won’t find PVC wallets off the peg at Design Duval. All our poster pockets, wallets and price tags are custom-made – sometimes with existing tools, but always made entirely according to your requirements.

Design Duval: your expert for producing bespoke PVC price tags, poster pockets and wallets

Soft PVC poster pockets, wallets and price tags protect the printed and inserted product and price information from dirt, moisture, dust and wear. Updating the information is also made easy.

There are many ways to use them:

  • in trade (DIY stores, electrical shops for the EU energy label, furniture stores, stationery);
  • in industry (for operating instructions or safety regulations for machinery …);
  • as transparent wallets to pack products and accessories that can cause injury ( scissors, cutters, drill bits …) or office supplies (rulers and pens).

Pioneer in PVC processing using high-frequency welding since the 1960s, Design Duval is renowned for its creativity and the quality of its custom made PVC pockets and PVC wallets in every conceivable design – produced in our own factory and with materials that are of course REACH compliant.

Unlimited design options – to provide functionality, quality and perfect adaptation

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the selection of standard articles on offer or if a detail important to you is missing, Design Duval is the right partner – because our designers create customized price tags, poster pockets and wallets according to your wishes and needs. Because even for apparently simple products such as a price information tags, there are many design options:

  • Format and orientation (standard or special sizes, portrait or landscape, special shapes: roof-shaped, beveled edges or rounded corners, thumb notch, offset edges, etc.)
  • Choice of material (transparent crystal-clear PVC, non-reflective, “orange peel” texture, coloured PVC or a mixture of both, UV-resistant, waterproof, required thickness, reinforced header);
  • Number of inserts and number of layers (multi-layer PVC sleeves, pockets or wallets, inserting from top, side or bottom; one or several inserts …);
  • Fastening to POS ( self-adhesive price tags and poster pockets, Euro holes, drill holes, metal eyelets, magnetic strips …);
  • Closure (Velcro, snap fastener, slide zipper, tab, flap)
  • Print (without print, screen-, digital, offset print)

The list is certainly not exhaustive and we look forward to answering your specific requests for your PVC pockets. You should contact us even if you want a standard size, as our customers are often surprised to find that the price is not necessarily higher than that of a standard article, if tools are available and can be combined.