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Welcome to Design Duval’s new website!

After many months of hard work, the Design Duval team is proud to introduce its new website.

Designed to provide you with a better browsing experience, this site also aims to inspire you and reveal the company’s backstage. And, last but not least, to provide you with a customized and personal answer adapted to your needs.


A website that reflects our evolution

15 years… 15 years since the creation of our first website! It was about time to offer our users a website that reflects our everyday life and our ambition: progressing with our clients!

Indeed, our customers requests have undergone major transformations in recent years, with a strong demand for additional support as  “all-inclusive” service .

Dynamic, reactive and creative, we keep up with this world in motion. We have extended our range of activities and the variety of materials we use. We have improved our techniques to adapt them to your vision and values. And we will keep pace to provide you with innovative, even pioneering solutions!

Since the 2000s, we have entered the international market. The demands – and therefore our creations – now vary according to the different cultures, tastes and requirements.


Diversified activities

Design Duval is a leader in processing PVC, and manufacturing welded products Made in France remains one of its flagship activities. In fact, many of our customers still call us Plastiques Duval – and yet the change of our name to Design Duval goes back to 2012 …

Alongside welded items, we returned to our roots: sewing; the very first activity of Design Duval when it was founded in 1947. All our sewn promotional leather articles are created, conceived and designed in Brittany. They are then manufactured by our Asian partners, without intermediaries and under permanent quality control.

What makes Design Duval a major actor on the European market today is manufacturing tools to display samples or finished products. Our trademark: creativity and project management from A to Z in sample producing and processing.

We also invested in the latest digital printer. A further purchase made to satisfy our clients! With this printer we can customize on demand, produce large or small size POS displays in small quantities and create prototypes.


Unchanged DNA

In spite of all these changes, we maintained our founding principles : offering our customers exclusively bespoke high quality products, with turnkey delivery. To pay attention to our customers’ wishes also remains a priority ! We are still a french (and even breton!) SMI. 48 motivated people, united by a strong team spirit, all dedicated to your satisfaction.

This team is proud to present this new site, the result of an investment added to the daily work. We sincerely hope that this achievement reflects our spirit and soul.

This website is just like us: in constant evolution! We thus invite you to visit it regularly. We will be adding new visuals, new products, the latest news from Design Duval and from our professional fields.


Please do not hesitate to send us your comments, this site has been created for you!

Enjoy your visit!

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