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The making of a customized folder: stages and options


You need a folder but want to stand out from competition? Discover Design Duval’s bespoke folder production!

A folder is a very common functional object, whether in the office or at home. At Design Duval, we strive to make this object, no matter how ordinary, into something special to suit your company’s needs perfectly!

That’s why each of our projects starts with an interview with our client! We don’t simply customize a “standard model”.  You are dealing with a team that takes care of your project from A to Z.  To help you better understand our approach, this article will explain how we make your folder step-by-step and detail all the options available to you to create a fully bespoke folder!

What is a folder?

The folder is a modular, simple and effective presentation and filing tool: it usually contains pages, pockets, dividers or even samples or products.

The folder is 100% customizable and is adapted to different uses, whatever your professional activity: launching a new range, displaying products, training, conferences, archiving…

A well designed folder can give either an original, entertaining or upscale impression of your company. And even serve as classy corporate gift!

Design Duval Conception et fabrication sur-mesure de classeurs

Design Duval can create PVC, cardboard, polypropylene or sewn leatherette folders. Each material has its own advantages:

PVC folder

Cardboard folder

Polypro folder

Sewn folder


Manufacturing a bespoke folder step by step at Design Duval

Step 1: Examining your request

At the beginning of your project, we set together the specifications according to four criteria:

  1. The use you will make of your folder,
  2. the number of items you need,
  3. your budget,
  4. the time needed for manufacturing.

Depending on these guidelines, we will decide on the format of your folder and recommend a range of appropriate materials. You will also select the colour, print and accessories for creating your folder.

Step 2: Creating and developing

We then validate a plan. For complex projects, we submit 3D plans developed by our integrated design office. This helps you to better appreciate the product.

We make all necessary adjustments. Your project then begins to come to life as a prototype. We produce a model in the chosen size and materials. The result is an almost complete version of your product.

Step 3: Launching production

As soon as the plans and the product proof meet your expectations, we start to manufacture your folder.

At Design Duval, production follows a strict process, with regular quality controls.

Step 4: Delivering the folders

After manufacturing, it is time for you to receive your folders.

As project partners, we don’t just deliver the manufactured products to you. We provide you witha wide range of additional services , such as filing your documentation or customized dividers in your folders, delivering them on request directly to your customers in France or abroad, etc.

Options for customizing your custom folder

As your folders are entirely custom-made, you have a wide range of choices:

Choosing the format

Your display tool can be in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) format.

The sizes are of course available in the traditional sizes (A3, A4, A5). But also as folders with flaps or easel folders.

We can of course create folders in other exclusive and entirely innovative sizes, thanks to our integrated tooling department.

Choosing material and shade

Design-Duval fabrication de classeurs PVC, PP, carton, simili-cuir

Design Duval has a wide variety of colours, finishes and textures available to cover your folder.

PVC folder

opaque PVC finish

clear PVC finish

Our tip! You can choose a different inside and outside colour for your PVC binder.

Cardboard folder

We manufacture cardboard folders from 1.5 to 3 mm thick.

The cover and the guard (inside of the folder) can be

Polypropylene folders

The thickness of polypro folders can vary from 0.3 to 1.2 mm.

Several ranges are available:

Leatherette folder

For sewn folders, we also have a very wide range of leatherette covers:

Choosing the print

Whatever the chosen material to make your folder, it is possible to customize it to your liking using different printing processes:

Choosing the accessories

As you can see, the possibilities for customization are endless. Too many choices? Enough to get confused? Don’t worry: our team is at your side from start to finish, to help you choose the best options for your project while respecting your budget and deadlines.

At Design Duval, with the help of our team of experts, each folder is created to meet the client’s needs and to reflect the client’s brand image.