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Bespoke PVC and PP book covers, calendar jackets, notebook protectors

Custom PVC and PP covers and jackets for books and documents you use every day

Even today, in the age of the Internet, there are still many books you need every day and want to have quick access to: legal and medical reference books, dictionaries, calendars, religious books – to name but a few. These books are subject to intensive use but can be perfectly protected from wear and tear thanks to the custom-made PVC and PP book covers and jackets made by Design Duval.

Design Duval: customized production, delivery on schedule and mass-customization

Design Duval is a long-standing partner of printers, publishers and bookbinders for the production of book covers and transparent protective jackets for books, calendars, diaries…. As an experienced and renowned company in the processing of PVC by HF-welding, the quality of our book covers and book jackets is well known. But when it comes to legal works or calendars, meeting deadlines is just as important as quality. Design Duval has performed small marvels here, thanks to its machinery and organisation in 2 shifts (3 shifts if necessary). The result is a loyal customer base in France – which we are happy to extend to other countries.

PVC book covers for flexible hardcover binding

PVC Book covers are custom-made by Design Duval and are thus adapted exactly to the size of the book block. Nothing is left to chance in the design either: from the selection of material (thickness, quality, colour, leather look), through processing, to screen, offset or digital printing, or even embossing for foam PVC.
Several series of book covers are usually combined to reduce costs – we will be happy to advise you on this as well.
In most cases, we produce single-ply PVC book covers – the classic cover for dictionaries, law books, bibles, songbooks, high-quality diaries… But it is of course also possible to use cardboard reinforced PVC for a book cover – perhaps even with foam padding for a pleasant and exclusive touch. Such covers are used, for example, for collector’s books or for special offers.

PVC and PP book jackets for calendars, diaries, log books … …

PVC or PP dust jackets are mostly used for calendars, diaries and agendas. They are similar to notebook covers, available in transparent or colour and are customized according to your printing templates. You can also choose the thickness and type of material (PVC, PP, transparent or colour, matt, textured…) and the format – as Design Duval produces exclusively bespoke book jackets.

This type of dust jacket is not only used for books. We also protect family or log books (often with materials such as velvet with gold embossing), menus and all kinds of identity cards or important documents related to health care, transport or tourism.

It is impossible to show you all the options we can offer, as we create new bespoke covers, sleeves and jackets for our clients every day. If you have a new project and can’t find what you want in standard design, Design Duval is the right place for you and we look forward to meeting you.