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Exclusive slipcases and racks in every conceivable design

Custom-made slipcases and racks – design without limits

Slipcases and racks for books, magazines, folders, collections, files, etc. are not just meant to contain and protect their contents – they also provide an attractive packaging for upmarket products. Instead of taking anything off the peg, rely on a specialist in custom-made products!

Dimensions, shape, material, accessories – your slipcase is like no other

Design Duval processes cardboard, PVC and imitation leather – we will therefore give you objective advice on which material is best suited to your project.

A rack is usually bevelled and open to allow easy access to the contents. In order to pull it out of the shelf, a grip hole is often added, which can be fitted with a metal or plastic ring. Racks can be designed so that they can be folded up and be stored in a minimum space. They are ideal for magazines, archives, documentation and make a nice promotional gift.

A slipcase is an outer packaging closed on five sides. It can provide an elegant way to contain a single item (book, photo album, folder …), lending it a very exclusive quality. But a slipcase can also combine several items in a set: a series of books, several files, several sample folders or collections or even documentation and products / product samples.

The content is the key to the shape and accessories. A carry handle or a strap may be necessary to prevent the elements from falling out if the contents are heavy, for example. The slipcase can also be closed on all six sides – in which case the sixth side acts as a door (fitted with a grip hole, drawstring or magnets) to open the collection. Sometimes it can also be interesting to design a slipcase within a slipcase.

Finger notches (round or V-shaped) can be added for easy removal of the elements. If this doesn’t appeal to you, the long side can also be bevelled.

The final design of your slipcase – printing, finishing, punching

The final touch – and one of the most important points – is the design. Laminated cardboard slipcases can be printed in offset in the same way as other means of communication. Gloss, matt, fine linen laminate and even a selective varnish can add protection and visual effects. Of course, creative papers can also be used for lamination with blank or coloured embossing.

PVC slipcases can also be printed in offset if the print run is high enough – but we can also use digital or screen printing. PVC has a wide range of material types and textures – take a look at our information on creating a folder if you want a clear idea. An original effect can also be achieved by using two different colours for outer and inner material. If you choose a slipcase made of imitation leather or foam PVC, we recommend embossing or a metal logo to enhance the material.

As Design Duval also produces folders and sample collections, we can of course also produce the entire package for you – guaranteeing a harmonious combination of all elements.

Technical features

Exclusive custom-made slipcases and racks

  • Size : on order
  • Material : cardboard, PVC, imitation leather
  • print : offset, screen-, digital printing, embossing
  • Extra elements : Grip hole, Business card holder, carry handle, strap, cut-outs, finger notches, magnets, drawstring, metal logo …
  • Minimum order : 250 copies